New partnership with Mila to innovate on Algorithms

New partnership with Mila to innovate on Algorithms

At Rain, we believe co-designing algorithms and hardware together is central to making AI radically cheaper, and ultimately, bringing AI to every device.

We're excited to announce a partnership with Mila – Quebec AI Institute, the world’s largest academic deep learning (DL) research center. Founded by leading AI researcher Yoshua Bengio, Mila brings together more than 1,000 academic researchers in machine learning (ML). The partnership aims to build on both Rain and Mila’s DL algorithm expertise.

“Rain has a strong conviction that radical hardware-algorithm co-design is central to breakthroughs in DL. Rain and Mila’s innovations in new algorithms—combined with Rain’s innovations on new hardware—has mass potential to transform the future of AI. With Mila’s help, we’ll be able to leverage this knowledge to radically reduce the costs of AI.” William Passo, Chief Operating Officer, Rain.

“Mila is proud to welcome Rain as a new partner in its community. We both believe that AI must be more democratic and Rain’s work in this field, combined with Mila’s academic expertise, can lead to great advancements toward this goal,” says Stéphane Létourneau, Executive Vice-President of Mila.

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